Monday, December 30, 2013

Stomach in Knots

My stomach is pretty much in knots right now. I just found out my Great Grandma who is 99 is at a point where she could die any day. She has been so healthy it's amazing! On one hand I am sad because she is ready to die-- she wants too. On the other hand, being she feels like she has a good relationship with God and nothing else to live for, maybe the best thing for her is too die. How cool would it be though if she actually made it to 100? Anyway, Sunday after church me, my mom and sister took a drive up to visit her. 

The exciting thing about the drive up to see my grandma was that I was able to drive! She lives about two hours north, so it was like a mini road trip for me. I am scheduled to take my drivers test in a little over a week and my heart starts beating each time I think about it. I am SO nervous. Over the past months of driving, my reactions have continuously been "wow I love driving!" and "can I drive all the time?" Let's just say after driving four hours there and back, I have pretty much lost that enthusiasm. 

Here are a few grainy iPod photos from our little adventure. If you think of it, please keep my Great Grandma and my upcoming drivers test in your prayers! My stomach is knots over them.


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