Thursday, December 19, 2013

Not a Time to be Selfish

Tonight I got to go sing some Christmas carols down at a local homeless shelter downtown to not only spread some Christmas cheer but also to share the love of Jesus. Around the Christmas season it seems like we can sometimes forget the importance of giving during this season and that its more about the getting. In just the simple act of singing tonight, I realized how easy it was to make someones night. I didn't go tonight with knowing I was going to have a good time and enjoy myself, I did it  to bless others. Seeing all the smiles, the tears, and the thanks for being selfless for just a few moments in this busy time of the year though ended up really blessing me in return, and I actually ended up having a good time! 

One thing that did somewhat sadden me was in seeing two soldiers staying in the shelter. Here these guys have fought overseas for their country, and when they return this is how they live? Things like this really make me mad. (This is me venting if you hadn't noticed.)

Anyways, let's just try to remember that Christmas isn't only about what I want, and what I get, but that there are others less fortunate who could use some cheering up and support.


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