Sunday, November 17, 2013

Can Life Freeze?

Whew! Ever just feel the need to step away from the business of life and do something enjoyable? I sure do! My life has fallen into a continuous cycle that consists of pretty much food, school and sleep. I can't even imagine having a job at the moment, my life is stressful enough.

I wish life would just stop!

Sometimes I just feel the need to splurge on Starbucks, make time for a game with my siblings, or take a nice long walk with my camera capturing all the beautiful things in life. I find myself missing all the little moments and beauty because I am so consumed with getting the best grade (overachiever), and just wanting to crash when I get home.

I'm starting to realize that just taking a few moments to appreciate something as simple as the flowers usually just calms me.

Take a moment to freeze your life this week. See if it makes your day any better. :)

Pink flower reaching towards the sun.

1 comment:

  1. i feel the same too some days. wishing i could take a break and time just freeze for a few moment.