Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wow it's been awhile.

HI GUYS! I haven't posted in a super long time--oops! Well life is so amazing right now, God is doing some awesome things in my life and I just want to let you know that you ALL are SO loved. Seriously. By me and God. I don't even know if anyone actually reads my posts, but I like to think someone does. :P

Something new that's happened in my life guys is that as of a week and a half ago, I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL! WHAAAAAAAT? It. Is. So. Crazy. Right now I am looking for a job in my field of study with no luck, but I know God has a plan and will always provide for my needs, so I am currently enjoying the freedom of sleeping in and the warm Minnesota weather (for once!) and waiting and asking the Lord for direction.

Something I have been talking to him a lot about lately and that He has been laying on my heart is how in this time in America and I'm sure in other parts of the world society seems to be caught up in this routine of growing up and starting a family and living as though there isn't a care in the world with an emphasis on waking up in the morning, working for the longest hours possible to bring in the most money, and then coming home to dinner to say a "hi kids" and "goodnight" and then repeating itself once again. A picture God gave me was a whirlpool, in which the water flows in one direction to a center and what I felt like He was telling me was how society today seems to be so caught up in how to "do life" that we are just spiraling in a whirlpool until we reach the center and reach the end of our lives and ask ourselves what REALLY have we accomplished for the kingdom of God? He's been telling me how I need to live my life more going against the current. Maybe not fitting in as much with society's ways, and leaning more on His ways. His way is best, right? This is a super hard thing for me to grasp right now because I feel like really to survive you need to go with the flow, but I'm realizing that going against the current IS a struggle. In living our lives for him He didn't say it would be easy, it's a choice. It is one though that I want to live and so maybe me not finding a job right now is His plan. I'm going to college in the fall and I really don't want to go into debt, but God knows that. He knows EVERY SINGLE THING about my life and about yours, and that is why I'm choosing to trust Him right now. Jesus wants our time, and I feel like when we get so caught up, and don't give Him it, we are really missing out. Each time we say no to Him and yes to our jobs, our school, our busy lives, we are drawing farther away from Him and getting further sucked into the world. 

In all my free time now, I just have this feeling or sense that I should be doing something to further his work, but I'm not really sure how. Do I just go sit in a coffee shop and wait for God to lead me to someone or should I go bring sandwiches to the homeless? With ALL the money I have (obviously not) I see these things being kind of difficult right now. While these things are great and I do believe God can provide, one other thing God has been showing me is how even just being a friend to another, a true friend, and a sincere smile can make the biggest difference in someone else's life. So I think right now I'll mainly stick with that. :) I would love to hear any other suggestions you guys have!

Here's a cheesy, but sincere smile from me to YOU, because YOU rock. YOU are so loved by God and me even though I probably don't know you personally.

So here's to my personal rebellion against the world, the whirlpool of life, and all glory to God in everything! God my life is in your hands, use me. 

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